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We Are All Sisters


It’s been something of a roller coaster ride over the last few weeks, but we’re back with a new design and a new stronger focus for our documentary.

We are all sisters under the skin, but what does that really mean? Facebook has become more than just the place to share quirky cat photos and recipes. It’s about not being alone any more. It’s about sharing. And caring.

My own story has some complicated background, through Facebook I’ve found good friends. It’s become a place of safety, a place of relief from my situation. I’m lucky. Others are not as fortunate, and through the private groups, people are sharing deep personal feelings. Health, emotional difficulties, poverty, children, a thousand different troubles that can strike, and knowing that there will always be someone there to talk to, pretty much any hour of the day. Well that’s important.

Women over 45 are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook. We Are All Sisters is the story of some of those women and the challenges they are meeting and facing through shared experience in Groups. The good that such networking can do is incalculable.

We need your help to make this important documentary. Even $10 can help. Thank you.