Lee Collins is the happy-go-lucky and popular presenter of a documentary show finding and reuniting old bands . A former bass player himself, bringing together old friends and even old enemies, is charming nostalgic fun. Until his producer suggests that he reunites his old band. Unhappily for Lee, everyone, including his own wife, agrees that this is a marvellous idea.

Boy Band ReQ’d (pronounced Wrecked) were once at the top of the charts, living the high life, adored by millions of fans, until the pressures of fame and internal divisions blew them apart. The last straw came when Joe the drummer attempted to run Jake, their cocky, arrogant lead singer down with his brand new mountain bike. The boys have not seen each other for nearly fifteen years.

Together again for one night only, headlining an open air rock concert, Lee needs every ounce of nous and guile he has learned in twelve years of tv presenting to bring his temperamental bandmates together under the guidance of the son of their old manager.

Rehearsing again in a surly atmosphere of unspoken recrimination, at first it looks as though the fortysomething former rockstars cannot get past their differences. Then things start to happen, a lighting rail crashes onto the stage where Marty their lead guitarist was standing only moments before, a fire starts in Joe’s dressing room, Lee’s brakes are tampered with, when Jake is nearly electrocuted by a supposedly faulty wire in the microphone stand, it looks like their internal relationship issues are the least of their problems. Someone wants ReQ’d dead forever.

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