Last year I was lucky enough to meet Henry Barrial and Mark Stolaroff. Their film, Pig, is quite remarkable. As Pig begins a multi-festival run in the next six weeks, I am re-blogging this post from Pig’s own blog, sharing some insights into Henry, the film’s writer and producer!


What piece of advice for aspiring writers would you think most crucial? Write every day.  Never stop.  Never slack off.

Revising/editing: labor of love or torture tour? Both.  Revising/re-writing feels evil until you look back upon an earlier draft and breath a sigh of relief that no one over saw that version.

Criticism: major motivator or background noise? Criticism is now a major motivator.  It wasn’t always like that.  I used to shrink from it.  I now thank all the naysayers (and still hate them).  I get pissed that no one believed in me enough to give me a break, but I’m stronger now than I ever would have been.  It’s good to be angry.  Pain is a good thing.  Besides, the naysayers will always be there.  Get used to it.

Art for art’s sake, or show me the money? Art is the process of discovering what you really are…

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